What is your bladder telling you?

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Our bladder tells us alot about our overall physical and emotional health. The bladder is the male water organ.  It is the liquid container of your body and may be considered one of the least glamorous organs in the body as it is the main waste disposal system.  The bladder collects and stores liquid from the kidneys prior to urination.  It has a capacity of six to twenty-four ounces.  When emptying, the muscles at the top contract first, then those below squeeze as it is literally "wringing' itself out.

Bladder stones can form due to improper diet. Cold weather will often aggravate any existing bladder ailments and if you cannot stand cold weather it is usually an indication that your water elememt is out of balance.  If the bladder isn't working properly it is can be an indication that the rest of your system will be stressed and poisoned.

Some of the emotions that connect with the bladder are anxiety and impatience along with being "pissed off" at someone or something.

A few of the associated conditions with bladder issues are:

toes in or out (especially with children)
foot drag
bowed or painful ankles
toes rolling under when walking
crying spells
ear problems
vaginal discharge or yeast infections
rectal fissures
sensitivity to cold and wind
insanity(mental unbalance)
curved spine

A few thoughts on healing the bladder are:

Accupressure points on the hands, feet and lower back
Tapping (see "The Tapping Solution.com) to release past issues
Dr. Christopher's bladder formula
Standard Process Albaplex

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