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(Updated 12/8/2016)

Well, here I start on a new adventure. Writing a blog!! I really am new at this and so don’t know the finer points however I feel I have a lot of information to share.  In way of setting things up as to why I am writing a blog, I have been involved in the natural health field for over 30 years. My personal health along with many of my loved ones has had many challenges and so by researching and asking questions, I feel I have learned many things. There is always more to learn. 

I am a Certified Health Specialist and Certified Thought Field Therapist. I have lectured extensively over the past 20 years on health and emotional healing. Please understand that I do not consider myself a healer. That title is reserved for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the great healer. I get to be a facilitator and hopefully be of service to others.

Currently my mother, age 90, lives with us along with my 97 year old mother-in-law. My father was with us for a few months and graduated on at the age of 93.  Much of what I have learned is because of my mother, so many of the things you will read about will be information she has gleaned and I will be sharing. My mother is also a natural practioner as well as a massage therapist. She has taken many classes over the years and continues to study so she can learn more things. So I hope you, the readers, enjoy and learn something from what I post here.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Janeen Carter

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