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Liver:  Boy this is an interesting organ.

The possible emotions that area connected with the liver are:

The liver is the female wood organ.  This chemical laboratory produces the chemicals your body needs for survivial.  Some of
its many functions are to store raw materials, filter toxins, make and distribute blood components.  The liver
weighs about three pounds and is one of our largest organs.  It is considered the center of gravity in our body.

The liver is considered a leader who excels in strategic planning as it is responsible for spreading and regulating
Qi energy throughout the body.  All blood that absorbs the food from the intestinal tract goes directly to the liver, where detoxification
takes place. The liver breaks down protein and fat: the bile expands these substances to form enzymes.   The liver is involved
in the formation and breakdown of blood and produces antibodies for our protection.  If it is damaged it can regenerate
itself.  It is good to avoid fried foods.

The liver controls the nervous system and generates personal motivation and action.

Some possible conditions associated with liver dysfunction:
yellow eyes or skin
dry painful eyes
floaters(spots or ribbos) before the eyes
swelling inside the eye
ileo-ceccal valve involvement ( flu and constipation)
inflamaed, enlarged or hardened liver
excessive uric acid in the blood
blood in the stool
bed wetting
inability to sleep
long lasting headaches
dry skin
swollen or painful breasts, joints or big toe
sore shoulder or back
constant anger

Exposure to toxins, fumes or pesticides are harmful to the liver. Enviromental toxicity comes from perfumes, hairsprays, household cleaners
laundry dryer sheets, personal care items, etc., etc.  These are all harmful to th liver and impair its ability to function properly.

Here are some ideas on caring for the liver:

Most health food stores will carry a variety of liver care products and cleanses.
Milk thistle and dandelion are two of the most popular ingredients found in these formulas.  Some people will make dandelion
tea and drink daily to help support the liver.

Castor oil packs are an option for deep liver cleansing: you will need the following:

white flannel or wool
castor oil
hot water bottle
hand towels
plastic wrap

Measure off enough material to cover the area where your liver is.  I often make the piece of fabric a little larger so
I can do my gall bladder or large intestine as well.
Place the material on a piece of plastic such as handi wrap or saran wrap.  Then pour castor oil on the fabric until
it is well covered.  Strip down so that you can place the castor oil covered fabric on you over the liver area.  I then put a
hand towel over the plastic that is now to the outside, place the hot water bottle on the towel and then use another towel to secure it
in place.  Then just sit and relax for about 30 to 40 minutes.  Then take the oil soaked fabric, place it in a zip bag and put in the
fridge.  The next time you use is you add a little more oil.  You can use the same piece of cloth for three
days, then discard and make a fresh pack.  Use the pack for 6 days and rest on the 7th day.
You may experience some of the following symptoms after using the packs for 1-5 weeks.
1.  dark, tar colored stool
2.  green stool
3. mucous strands when you go to the bathroom

Since the liver holds anger, I would warn your family to lay low while you are cleansing.  :)

I hope this post is of help.

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