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Basic rules of pendulum use

  1. Both parties must be clear, the person being tested and the person doing the testing.  This means their energies must be balanced and clear.   This can be accomplished by clearing negative energies or spirits and doing a simple balance.  We accomplish this by doing the “switching technique”   and.or clearing spirits   Switching turns the electrical circuitry of the body back on thus allowing for information flow.  Clearing spirits is important as they (spirits) can interfere with the messages the body is giving or the receiving of those messages.  When this happens then incorrect information is given.
  2. The pendulum is never used for “ fortune telling”.  It will tell “what is” and “what has been”.  In other words the energy that is current or is past is already recorded and can be accessed.  The future is the Lord’s and it is the individuals responsibility to access the Lord’s will for him/her.
  3. Establish a frame of reference.  This means find out what the body/person’s negative and positive direction is.  Typically I use the left palm of the person I am testing and simply make the statement, “show me the positive” then wait for the pendulum to swing one way or the other or stay neutral.  Typically the positive swing is clockwise.  If this isn’t happening, check to see if you, the tester, and the person you are testing are clear.  (switching and clearing)  Once a positive direction becomes clear, then state “ show me the negative”.  The pendulum should then go opposite or neutral., usually counter-clockwise.  Then state “ there are dark, evil or unclean spirits in the energy field”.  Then state, “ there is a walk-in present”. If either of these show up as a positive, then the clearing should be used.  Sometimes a visualization, or blessing is required to clear these unwanted spirits.    Now that everything is energized and cleared, state " the body is willing to tell the truth”.  This should show up as a positive and indicate that the body will give information.
  4. Always use three fingers when handling a pendulum, the thumb, index and middle finger.  These three complete a circuit and allow the energy to flow properly.  One being positive, one negative and one neutral making a complete circuit.
  5. I have found it easier and more discernable to make statements rather then ask questions.  For example:  “ this food is good for my body, or my body needs this food or this food is nutritious for my body”, etc .  This way the body can say, yes, it is, or no, it is not.  Such statements as “ this food, supplement, vitamin and so on will be of benefit to my body” or my body needs this food, vitamin, herb,” etc. will help pinpoint information more accurately. Sometimes such statements as “my body can handle or tolerate this food, shot, vitamin” can be helpful.  Or such statements as “my body will have an adverse reaction/effect to this food, supplement, shot, medication”, etc., is also helpful information.
  6. When asking for causes for certain health issues, it is very helpful for you understand how the organs, glands and systems of the body work.  This allows you to ask more intelligent and probing questions.  It is helpful for  you to get more detailed and accurate answers.  Realizing that emotions, trauma, environmental toxins and exposure, nutritional issues will all come into play when seeking answers.  So, again, the more knowledge you have, the more information you will be able to access.


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