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Post cOkay, so we are coming up on National Heart Health Month so our heart will be the next installment.
The heart is a female fire organ (quite appropriate it I do say so myself). The function of the heart is to regulate the circulation of nourishment.  It is considered the supreme controller and sovereign ruler.
The heart is six inches long and about four inches across at the widest part.  It weight about 12 ounces and hangs from ligaments in the chest.  The four chambered pump, the strongest muscle in a male, pumps blood through 60,000 vessels.  If the heart is week, blood fails to reach your extremities, causing a feeling of coldness.
The external manifestation is expressed in your complexion.  A bright red face is an indication of too much oxygen in the blood;  too much or too little laughter is an indication of an imbalance in the heart energy.  The heart rules your tongue.
The heart is where a person gives and receives love.  If you do not feel worthy of giving or receiving love, the heart energy is weakened.
Some associated conditions with the heart may include:
•    Fast heartbeat
•    Heart flutter
•    Shortness or skipping a breath
•    Chest pain
•    Difficult in speaking and tasting
•    Stuttering
•    Slow speech
•    Excessive laughing
•    Feverish or aching palms
•    Absent minded
•    Unable to sleep
•    Others
The rhythm of the heart is controlled by the thyroid.  The thyroid is backed up by the adrenals.  You can have a perfectly good heart but if the thyroid fails to control the rhythm, you can have heart issues.  It is important to support the adrenal glands especially during and after times of stress.  Also keep the thyroid in good health.
For additional emotional issues related to the heart check out Louise Hay “you can heal your body” and Karol Truman, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.  Both are excellent.
Supplements that may be of benefit.  Cayenne Pepper, Hawthorne berries, InnoVita Heart Flo, Dr. Christopher’s Heart formula, Standard Process Cardio Plus.  Also a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement is helpful.  

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