Spiritual Gifts


Spiritual Gifts

Okay, here is my attempt at an opinion on spiritual gifts.  Please understand that I do not expect or ask for a debate on any of the topics I write about.  These are my opinions and ideas and if you don’t agree, great…. you are welcome to start a blog and express your ideas.  I realize that most of us see things from our own perspective and take that perspective from our own experiences and  I find  spiritual gifts are very much that way.  There are some books written about gifts that can be useful but I have found that the giver of the gift is truly who we should be listening to as we learn about and appreciate the gifts that are given.

I have associated with many people with a wide variety of what are considered spiritual gifts.  They vary in many ways with no two being exactly alike.  I have found that I can sit in a room of “gifted” people and we can experience something and you will get many different versions of what happened.  It all depends on perspective and how we “see” things.  Now, I use the word “see” loosely because many people feel, some hear, others just know and others do see.  One method is not to be envied or desired over another.  They are all useful to the person with the gift and all gifts are to be used to benefit others.

We are encouraged in scripture to “seek” gifts of the spirit.  These are great blessings from our Heavenly Father.  But like all gifts, we need to understand about them, use them wisely and righteously and beware of deceivers.  I know of many who seem to have amazing gifts. In conversations about "their" gifts or experiences I often ask the question is “to what end?”  Do the gifts they posses and utilize lead to our Savior, Jesus Christ or do they seem to be a distraction?  Many do use their gifts to bless others tremendously and other not so much. Do we brag about our gifts?  Do we use them unrighteously or do they lead us on “strange” paths?  When someone says to me, “ I have such and such a gift”, I tend to shy away from that person.  I have had people ask me, “well, what are your gifts, or what gifts do you have”?  To this I usually explain that whatever the Lord has given is personal and only to be used when prompted by the spirit.  It is not about me.

Now, I do know we have many gifted youth and children who often do not know what to do when they have gifts “show up” or they have experiences that they cannot explain. Often they feel they are “weird”.  I feel it is important that there is an adult  or someone who can help them understand that they are not “crazy” and guide them to learn of their gift through prayer and pondering, as we all should.

I know my experience and knowledge is very limited on this topic.  I also know that we can ask and seek for the gifts we desire.  That request may or may not be granted and that is why it is called a gift, not a demand.  The  Lord gives according to His time.


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